Privacy Policy

Valid from 1-October - 2021

Considering the privacy of individuals, DharaTech complies with the new National Privacy Act, which was signed into law on 21st December 2012. In order to conduct business through the internet, we recognize that maintaining an individual’s privacy is crucial. Any information provided by you will be used according to respective laws. We will not share your information or data with any external organization, nor for any commercial use, without your prior written consent. To facilitate the use of the services, maintain the continuity of a visit, and facilitate navigation on the site, we may utilize temporary cookies. All updates, modifications, or deletions of your data/information would be done only with your written request.

Collection of personally identifiable information

To every customer we are connected with, we strive to offer high-quality services. We may request personal information from our customers depending on the scenario like name, phone number, address, e-mail address. We collect this information for the purpose of offering online forums, downloads, individual inquiries, and other services on our website. It is collected satisfying the laws of the country where it has been operating.

What happens to your personal information?

We use the information collected from our customers to provide relevant services to them. All personal information we receive from you is bound not to be shared with third parties or for other purposes. We collect personal information for the purpose of marketing and promoting DharaTech services. In the event that you are no longer interested in learning about our services, you could contact us immediately and ask that we not contact you again.

Disclosure of personal information

We will share the information with only those providers who work for the company. Any information you give to us will not be shared with or sold to another organization. If any information needs to be shared, we will contact you and see if you would be willing to share it.

Security and safety of the information you provide

It is our pleasure to inform you that your personal details are protected from loss, unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure, as well as misuse. It is securely stored on a safe electronic database that can only be accessed with a password. Providing a high level of personal information security is one of the goals of our organization. When your information is no longer needed, you can ensure that your information will be removed from the records.

Links to external websites

There are many external or third-party links attached to our company website. Since they have their own logos and company names, DharaTech holds no influence over the information or contents on their website. Thus, we express our humble request that you go through their company’s policy before ordering any product or service from them.

Contacting our marketing and sales representatives

We would appreciate hearing from you if you have any concerns and issues related to the privacy policy. Certainly, we will provide you with the best possible solution to your issue within the stipulated time frame.